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The BLACAZ. platform is the first and only platform in Singapore enabling SMEs to purchase & receive their insurance 100% online.
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2 months ago

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BLACAZ. Pitch Session Recording
BLACAZ. Q&A Session Recording

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Quick Pitch

The corporate insurance industry is a US$2.5b opportunity and BLACAZ. is the first and only fully digital platform that enables SMEs to purchase and manage insurance in Singapore. Turning a complex obligation into an easy task, BLACAZ. resolves existing pain points and allows companies to purchase corporate insurance seamlessly, in as little as 7 minutes!

Problem Statement

1. Poor Customer Experience

  • Heavy administrative process
  • Lack of bespoke offers
  • Low levels of services post-purchase

2. No Digital Solutions Available

  • Lengthy back-and-forth with brokers
  • Time-consuming to understand, manage and organize

3. Opacity

  • Lack of guidance in the choice of insurance
  • Complex visibility of plan usage & consumption


BLACAZ. has developed a digital platform for corporates to purchase paperless insurance instantaneously. Offering expert guidance, transparent policies, and personalized options to cater to all SMEs, the process is seamles and can be completed in as quick as 7-minutes. The platform offers HR and management to unite all their company insurance in one place. 

Market Size

There is a direct addressable market of US$21.5 Billion in Singapore and Hong Kong alone for general corporate insurance. General + Life Insurance (currently in development), has a servicable market size of US$90 Billion by 2022, growing at 25% p.a.


Product Summary

The platform has two main modules:

1. Subscription Platform ( - Boosts penetration rate & up-selling

  • Curated and customizable offers
  • Paperless
  • Human support
  • Transparent polices
  • Strong UX

2. Management Platform ( - Maximizing retention rate & cross-selling

  • Multi-product centralization
  • Contact & support at fingertips
  • Storage of all insurance documents
  • Automatic renewals & reminders

Business Model

  1. Average 15% commission on the Gross Written Premium (GWP).
  2. Development of the SaaS Model for corporate clients (HR, CEOs, and Employees) increasing margins.
  3. Recurring business model, with a retention rate of 88% or more since 4-years
  4. Yearly increase of insurance premiums driven by healthcare inflation (6 - 8%)


BLACAZ. has helped more than 100+ clients get coverage to date and outstanding client reviews and references. 


BLACAZ. has partnered up with some of the largest insurance providers. 



Competitive Landscape


Key Team Members


Fundraising Round & Use Of Funds

BLACAZ. is raising a Pre-series A round of US$500k with term sheet from Super Capital VC at US$6m Pre-money valuation. 

1. Boosting Digital Sales & PR OPS (40%)

  • Launch ROI positive digital campaigns to skyrocket leads, conversion and brand awareness
  • Aggressive PR Campaigns to position ourselves as a rising start within the insurtech space.

2. More Tech Features & Enlarging Offerings (30%)

  • Implementations of new features to user portal - further increase cross-selling and retention rate
  • Integration of bespoke insurance products with insurers favorizing upselling and penetration
  • Optimizing subscription process and website maximizing conversion rate

3. Hiring Tech Talents & Sales Force (30%)

  • Increase sales team and accounts manager to satisfy the surge of new clients
  • Reinforce tech and data team for increased flexibility & speed. 


BLACAZ. Breaks New Ground as All-Encompassing Corporate Insurance Goes Fully Digital - AsiaOne 

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