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Explico is an EdTech startup with AI capabilities to better analyse students while measuring their progress to maximise learning efficiency.
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Investors, please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this investment opportunity or indicate your soft commitments through the link above!

We want to invite you to join us for a pitch and Q&A session with the founders! Click on the link to sign up.

Pitch Session on 24th of November, Wednesday from 3 - 4pm SGT 

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Quick Pitch

Within the EdTech space, Explico has developed an AI-based assessment learning platform that analyses a student's strengths and weaknesses for a particular subject to curate modular sessions based on their needs to increase learning efficiency. 

Problem Statement

  • Education platforms lack the ability to track and measure users' learning outcomes
  • Rapidly changing education system makes it difficult for parents to keep up and support their children
  • Constant untargeted assessments from many sources overstress students
  • Disparate learning solutions on the market causes anxiety in parents looking to help

Solution & Product

Explico uses artificial intelligence to help students identify their specific and respective weaknesses and strengths, enabling students to participate in unparalleled and unique modular learning based on their individual need. Explico leverages detailed analysis report produced by AI to increase efficiency of live interactive sessions by trained educators. Explico is positioned as a one-stop solution for all who require a targeted and intelligent learning approach.

Explico's product features include:

  • Question Bank - Varying levels, topic, concept, difficulty in both audio and video format
  • AI-driven Assessments - Ability to analyse strengths and weaknessess
  • Live Sessions - Inbuilt video platform with unique live quiz feature
  • Data Analytics & Report - Indepth peer-to-peer comparison and strength analysis
  • Central Repository - Every action of the student is stored in repository
  • Integration - Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Mailchimp and more...


Go To Market

Target Segments - K10 Students

Region (B2C) - Singapore

Region (B2B) - India, Philipines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Africa

Channels (Online) - SEO, Email Campaigns, Paid Digital Advertisements

Channels (Offline) - Referrals, Partnerships, Resellers, Webinars and Workshop

Market Size


Revenue Model (B2C)

  • Freemium Model - Students are entitled to 2 free live sessions with tutor.
  • Subscription Model with Credit System - Students uses credits to access live sessions and get AI-assessments. Students have the option to purchase more credits to unlock more sessions. 
  • Premium Model - Annual payment of $2,000 for fully inclusive access to all materials for 12-months. 

Revenue Model (B2B SaaS + Pay per use)

Academic institutions can white label Explico AI-assessment to assess their students with their own content. This model is curated for any school and universities. 

For any overseas school that wishes to gain additional access to Singapore's education content (assessment and live session) - Explico can offer a hybrid SaaS model.







Competitive Landscape


Key Milestones


Key Team Members


Fundraising Round

Explico is raising a S$540,000 Seed round through equity. $340,000 has been filled by lead investor ( and angel investors. 

FundedHere is raising S$200,000 to help Explico close this round.

Use of Funds

Majority of the Seed Funding will be used for marketing and user acquisition to hit 300,000 users before raising a pre-series A round. 

  • Marketing (40%)
  • Product Development (30%)
  • Operations (20%)
  • Others (10%)