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Reainflo is a Proptech startup based in Hong Kong, providing real-time, granular real estate data for Asian markets.
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2 months ago

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Quick Pitch

Realinflo strives to be the Bloomberg for Real Estate information by aggregating datasets from many disparate sources available in the market to generate actionable property intelligence for property developers, banks, agents and tenants.

Problem Statement

Valuing a property requires data from many different sources, and researching real estate is slow and expensive: 

  • Data has to be sourced from many isolated, incomplete, and outdated records
  • Requires a lot of work to compile records
  • Create a lot of friction even for simple decisions making 
  • Average total yearly expenditure by real estate investment firm: $380K - $450K


Single source of real-time global standard real estate data on demand to empower decision makers with over 90% time and thousands in cost savings. Realinflo aims to be the single source of global standard property intelligence.

  • API and custom-built solutions for everyone from landlords and developers to banks and advisory firms
  • Sourced data from public data records, networks, and in-house company databases
  • Analytics and forecasting tools

Go To Market

Realinflo is positioned to benefit all stakeholders within the real estate industry.

Acqusition through partnerships


Both Inbound & Outbound Marketing


Business Model

Realinflo has multiple methods for revenue generation. The main revenue drivers will be:

  1. On Demand - $10,000/customer/year 
  2. Subscription - $25,000/customer/year
  3. API - $50,000 to $250,000/customer/year


Data Generation (Hong Kong)

  1. 100% of sales transaction records in Hong Kong for the past 10-years
  2. 70% Grade-A office leasing transaction in Hong Kong

Data Generation (Penang, Malaysia)

  1. 100% of sales transaction records in Penang for the past 10-years
  2. First platform for market rental data in Malaysia

Crowdsourced data from over 80 companies in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.


  1. Grosvenor - Paid pilot with global property developer
  2. Nan Fung Group - Large HK-based property developer group
  3. Dun & Bradstreet - Paid POC in progress

Realinflo has an immediate sales pipeline of some of the largest Hong Kong-based property developer, largest advisory firms globally and more...

Competitive Landscape


Realinflo differentiates from its competitors through it's crowdsourced data acquisition model, capturing 'off market' transaction data. Granularity in data base to deliver unseen insights into the industry. Realinflo is creating a single repository of property intelligence for Asia real estate - requires aligning data with global standards.

Core Team Members


Fundraising and Use of Funds

Realinflo is raising a US$300,000 pre-series A through a SAFE note. This will allow for a 12-months runway leading to a proper series A round. The SAFE Note holders will convert at the lower of a US$4m valuation cap or 20% discount to the next round. 

Realinflo has previously raised their Seed round with Betatron Ventures and is currently an incubate with Cyberport Hong Kong