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Pawtner is an algorithm-driven pet service connector. They digitize and automate the process of pet adoption, and provide a platform to match pet adopters with pet business services.
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3 months ago

Investors, please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this investment opportunity or indicate your soft commitments through the link above. 

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Problem Statement

Lack of digitalization in the pet market results in a business gap. The process of matching street animals to shelters and fosters, to adopters and finally to pet e-commerce is manual, labour-intensive and a time-consuming operation. Due to this system's inefficiency, 3.8 million shelter anumals are euthanized annually. 


Pawtner provides an end-to-end solution for animal shelters and consumers from pet adoption to a service market place. This helps to save time, manpower and system efficiency of the animal adoption process. With a data-driven algorithm, it enhances touchpoints on pre, during and post ownership. 

Product Flow

  • Scan - Information on adopter profile and preference
  • Swipe - Intuitive UI for adopters to swipe through a data base of pets for adoption
  • Chat - Upon successful match, communication between adopter and adoptee using in-app chat function 





Revenue Model

Transaction and subscription-based model

  • 20% commission off each successful adoption through app 
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Personalized pet subscription plans



Fundraising and Use of Funds

Pawtner is raising USD$500K at a valuation of USD$2.5M, of which FundedHere is allocated USD$250K. 

Use of Funds

  • Market expansion to Malaysia and SEA
  • Tech development
  • Operating expenses
  • Marketing expenses


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 CEO, Founder - Haley

  • 5 years in MedTech research
  • Masters in Public Health from the University of Edinburgh

Co-Founder - Mai Linh

  • 5 years UI/UX designer