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For Youth
For Youth is a consumer brand for science-backed ageing and longevity products which tackle the major hallmarks of ageing.
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2 months ago

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Problem Statement

People want to live long, happy and healthy lives. Scientists currently consider ageing as a disease that could be cured and the 9 hallmarks of ageing have been identified, spurring a longevity revolution. Many therapies and solutions have been introduced to target these hallmarks. 


  • For Youth's science backed e-commerce consumer brand provides people with access to longvity supplements, biological age tests and lifestyle advice to target the 9 hallmarks of ageing. 
  • Simplifying the science behind ageing, For Youth communicates to the mainstream, facilitating a true longevity revolution for the mass market. Their products allow consumers to test, use and repeat, allowing users to discover their true biological age and track the impact of longevity therapies.




  • NMN - Most researched and promising longevity supplement. NAD+ precursor for delivering energy and cellular repair, natural supplement, $200M in global sales. 
  • The clock biologial age test - discover the true biological age and track the impact of longevity therapies. Analyses epigenomes by measuring DNA Methylation. 
  • Incoming Product - 2nd product planned for Q2 2022 will target the remaining hallmarks of ageing. 
  • Process: Test current biological age, take 3 months supply of NMN, test again to check if biological age has reduced. 




  • $32,500 turnover from inception in mid-2020 till date
  • Month-on-month growth rate in March was 140%
  • $175 average order value 
  • 65% retention rate 

Revenue Model

  • B2C, 50% margin per NMN bottle ($59)
  • Subscription model, $500 bundle for 3 months NMN supply and 2 test kits 


  • Altos labs, Juvenescence, Elysium Health, Novos Labs
  • For Youth has the highest margins of their biological age test kits due to lower cost of goods. Similar margins for their NMN product. 



CEO, Founder - Jeffrey Duyvesteijn

  • Part of the team, grew from $1 to $100M+
  • 10 years in the premium brand industry

COO, CPO - Pieter Verstraete

  • China GTM consultant in the medical industry
  • 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in Asia 


For Youth is raising a USD$100K bridge round through a SAFE convertible note with a valuation cap of USD$5M and a 25% discount

Use of Funds

  • Fund a regional land grab with a quick and professional rollout of their brand
  • Economies of scale to drive down COGS and improve gross margin
  • Team expansion with a full-time marketeer (cururently it's just Jeffrey and Pieter, with the occasional help of freelancers), giving them a lot more execution power. - Breakdown can be found in the dataroom.