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Delivering Eco-Responsible Solutions
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Metech International Limited

Delivering Eco-Responsible Solutions
Year of Disbursement Type of Loan Loan Amount S$ Rate of Return (p.a.) Default
2019 Listco Bond 2,000,000 8.00% No
2018 Term Loan 1,500,000 13.00% No
2018 Term Loan 2,000,000 11.50% No
2017 Listco Bond 750,000 9.00% No
2016 Listco Bond 2,000,000 8.00% No
2016 Term Loan 300,000 14.50% No
2016 Term Loan 200,000 18.00% No
Year of Disbursement Rates of Return Non-Performing Loan Rates
Lowest and highest rates (per annum) Weighted average (per annum) Loans which are past 30 days but less than 90 days Loans which are past 90 days
2018 11.5% to 13% 12.14% N.A. N.A.
2017 9% 9% N.A. N.A.
2016 8% to 18% 9.58% N.A. N.A.

Note: For all loan deals, Interest rates and Interest rates net of all fees and charges are the same.

Lowest and highest rates are based on actual interest rates offered during the year.

Weighted average rates are based on interest rates per deal x loan amount per deal over total loan amount during each year.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Past performance should not be relied upon as a guarantee of future investment performance.