Turbo-Boost Your Business Potential with Flexible Funding

Get the capital you need to grow, with no credit assessment and no equity dilution.

How It Works

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1
Contact Our Client Success Team:
Reach out to FundedHere’s client success team for a comprehensive assessment.
Step 2
Receive Invitation to Onboard:
If approved, you will receive an invitation to onboard with FundedHere.
Step 3
Submit Relevant Documents:
Provide the necessary documentation to proceed with the funding process.
Step 4
System Integration:
Integrate our system to streamline your funding experience.
Step 5
Submit Loan Applications:
Submit your loan applications through our platform.
Step 6
Secure Funding:
Obtain the capital you need to fuel your business growth.

Why Borrow From Us ?

No Credit Assessment

Access funding without the hassle of credit assessments.

No Personal Guarantee Required

Secure loans without needing a personal guarantee.

Fund Your Future Potential

Receive capital based on your business’s future potential, not its past.


No Equity Dilution

Maintain full ownership of your business with no equity dilution.

Increase Your Return on Capital

Optimise your return on capital with our flexible funding solutions


Why Borrow From Us ?

Turbo-Boosting Your Business Potential

E-commerce Merchants

Discover tailored funding solutions for e-commerce merchants

E-commerce Enablers

Explore funding options designed for e-commerce enablers.


Access funding that supports your growth as a live streamer.

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