Get Growing With The Right Crowd

We believe innovation happens when the right people comes together. Our platform isn’t about mass connections, it’s about the right connections.

Be With The Right People

Investment opportunities are evaluated and picked by a team of investors with a proven track record of selecting winner.

Ecosystem Team

(11) dr. francis yeoh
Dr. Francis Yeoh
Executive Director
The Mediapreneur Incubator
(13) edmund yong
Edmund Yong
Managing Partner
(14) michael zhu
Michael Zhu
Sunjoy Group Holding
(15) brijesh pande
Brijesh Pande
Managing Partner
Pepri Ventures
(16) phey teck moh
Phey Teck Moh
(18) juzar motiwalla
Juzar Motiwalla
Anquan Capital
(21) kulshrestha sushen
Kulshrestha Sushen
Green Island Trade & Investment
(22) anthony wong
Anthony Wong
Owner & Executive Director
Pinnacle Enterprise Singapore
(24) joel lou
Joel Lou
General Partner
Blue Cloud Ventures
(35) maneesh tripathi
Maneesh Tripathi
SGX-listed Si2i
Eric chua
Eric Chua
Managing Director
Private Wealth ASIA
Lai kwok kin
Lai Kwok Kin
Non-Executive Chairman
Agnes siaw
Agnes Siaw
Executive Director
Daniel lin
Daniel Lin
Executive Director
Stanley chew
Stanley Chew
Non-Executive Director
Pong Yu Ming
Chief Technology Officer
Nick rademaker
Nick Rademaker
Campaign Director
Cheryl chong
Cheryl Chong
Business Development Director
Amanda tay
Amanda Tay
Investor Network Director
Nigel ong
Nigel Ong
Marketing Director
Lim jun jie
Lim Jun Jie
Compliance Officer
Working with the right partners
Our Completed Campaigns

To begin fundraising on FundedHere, companies have to go through a rigorous selection process to determine whether they are suitable investments to present to our ecosystem of investors.

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CoolBitX Ltd.

Blockchain Security Platform
Metech International Limited

Delivering Eco-Responsible Solutions
Stealth Mode Pte Ltd

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